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Peter Reeves is a licensed minister who speaks and trains leaders all over the United States. Peter speaks         to over 200,000 people a year, and he has a             passion to see people experience and operate in the power of God. Peter is best known for traveling the nation and speaking to the next generation. In addition to traveling, he is currently the Evangelist  Pastor at Faith Assembly in Orlando, Florida, with his                        wife, Joanna, and two beautiful babies.

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Joanna is a wife, mom of two, and evangelist! She travels the nation speaking to people of all ages in a variety of settings! She’s passionate about seeing        the. body of Christ live generous lives and loves        speaking to students about missions and giving!       
She was called into ministry at a young age and            loves speaking to students about walking in           
their God given calling! Joanna also has a.                   
heart to encourage girls and women!                   

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Saturday morning, Session 2, we will receive an offering for Speed the Light. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for Sumba House of Hope Soccer Complex in Indonesia.


For more information about Sumba HoH, check out this video!

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If you haven't registered yet, you can still come!


CALLED students! You are invited to our first ever CALLED Luncheon at FYC '23!


This event is designed to resource and encourage students who have been CALLED to vocational ministry. We will have guest speaker and author of

CALLED, John Zick, pour into your

students, pray over, and encourage them

to live out their calling.

Please, only register if you feel CALLED to vocational ministry.

$10 | includes lunch and a gift!

Up to 2 adult representatives per church may register.


Registration deadline for the CALLED luncheon is November 9th.


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