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New Hope 

4425 70th St. 

Urbandale, IA 50322


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Karen Yancey


Karen serves the AGK Ministry Network as the volunteer department director of Network Development. She is an ordained minister and earned an MA at AGTS with an emphasis in theology, organizational leadership, and coaching.

With appealing genuineness, personal stories, and wisdom rooted in scripture Karen shares her heart with others who are on a similar journey in their unswerving pursuit for Christ. She recognizes the multi-faceted challenges inherent in the lives of women, yet maintains the keys to navigating mysteries and uncertainties in life are sincere attentiveness to God, His Word, His agenda and a healthy self-awareness. “God is calling all women to step-out of their comfort zone, step-in to their God-designed destiny, step-over obstacles that marginalize faith, and step-beyond the status-quo into fullness of life in Him!” Those choices lead to overwhelming JOY!

A great book, meaningful coffee-dates, prayer walks, solitude in nature, and relaxing on a porch swing with her husband all evoke great delight. However, a grandmother to seven, is undoubtedly one of her greatest joys.

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Tiffani White | Building Relationship with Those Under 30

Description: Even before the pandemic turned our world upside down, we were in “unprecedented” times. While there has always been a “gap” relationally between generations, the gap that exists between older generations and those under 30 is probably one of the largest gaps in recent history. In order to bridge this gap, we need to understand why it’s there, why it’s so large, and how we build the bridges across it. 


Christi Greene | Relational Legacy

No matter our calling in life, our profession, our denominational affiliation, or our marital status we will leave a relational legacy—through intention or without intention.  And it is our past experiences and choices that inform this relational legacy.  Was your Dad authoritative? Your Mom? Do you have a mother and father? What is your view of our Heavenly Father? Has your church experience been one of grace and reconciliation when you fail?

This accumulation of experiences (life!) results in how we relate to our friends, co-workers, the lady at the check-out counter, children, significant others...and ourselves.

Let’s explore the relational legacy we want to leave in the context of our Father God.


Heather Weber | Taking the "Next Step"

Some women know they've been called by God for vocational ministry and are already "doing the stuff," whether they serve as a leader in their church, as a chaplain, or in some other non-profit ministry capacity. Other women know they're called but haven't found the place to plug in and do ministry yet, and still, others are trying to figure out if they have heard God's voice correctly in regard to a "calling." Either way, no matter where you are on the map of being a woman in ministry or potentially in ministry, taking the "next step" is often risky, challenging, and stretching. In this session, you'll hear women share from various vantage points on the journey, and we think you'll be encouraged! (This is a great session to attend if you are a credentialed minister or thinking about getting your ministry credentials.)


Nichole SlabachEmotionally Healthy Spirituality. 

Somehow, we learned that the “correct” answer to “How are you doing?” is to just say, “I am fine.” Sometimes we are fine. Other times we are barely hanging on to our sanity, but it seems safer to pretend all is fine rather than risk others' disapproval by being honest or vulnerable. But living in TRUTH, GOD’S TRUTH is what brings freedom, peace, and joy. Join us as we explore those places where we have not been living in God’s truth because we have been over-functioning, afraid of what others think, denying our anger, sadness, and fears to be “good” Christian women, or blaming others. As “God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” We need to work through those lies we have believed to be spiritually and emotionally healthy and freed to do the work God has created us to do!!