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Transferring Credentials ByLaws

General Council Bylaws on Transferring Credentials

Article VII Section 9

a. Certificate of transfer. When a member minister takes up residence in another district, a certificate of transfer shall be issued within 60 days by the district of which he or she is a member, unless there are charges pending against the minister. The certificate of transfer shall be accepted by the district into which the minister moves. Exceptions may be made for the following:

1. Ministers moving to serve at the Assemblies of God National Leadership and Resource Center.

2. Those who have attained the age of 60 and are no longer engaged in active ministry and those who have attained the age of 65 and are not pastoring a church.

3. Those who are in the Armed Forces currently on active duty.

4. Those who are serving on the staffs of schools affiliated with the General Council and district council or non affiliated schools acceptable to the General Council and the district council in which the school is located.

5. Those who are appointed U.S. missionaries or world missionaries who are on furlough or on temporary assignment in the United States and reside in a district other than their home district.

6. Ministers having membership in one district and a mailing address only in another district.

7. Students in schools outside their home districts.

7. Those who are serving in a non-Assemblies of God institution providing:

Both districts agree to the exception.

The institution is acceptable to both districts.

They have a regular scope of ministry which reaches beyond district boundaries.

Church planters involved in trans-district ministry.

b. Transfers from Assemblies of God World Fellowship. A minister holding ordination (or equivalent) with a member group of the Assemblies of God World Fellowship may transfer his or her ordination to The General Council of the Assemblies of God if the following criteria are met:

1. A letter of recommendation from the executive committee of the national church or equivalent letter of recommendation.


2. A course on history and polity of the AG USA.


3. A completed ministerial application.

c. Transcript. In order to assist a member minister who is transferring into another district, a transcript giving helpful information concerning the minister and his or her spouse should accompany the certificate of transfer.

d. Transfers between language/ethnic districts and geographical districts. Credential holders from language/ethnic districts may transfer to geographical districts and credential holders from geographical districts may transfer to language/ethnic districts provided the credential holder is serving as a pastor or staff member of a church in the district that the credential holder desires to transfer to. In instances where the credential holder is not a pastor or staff member of a church in the district to which the credential holder is transferring, both districts shall agree to the transfer. Credential holders must settle their district financial obligations before transfers are granted. The credential holder shall have a right of appeal to the General Council Credentials Committee in the event either district recommends denial of the transfer.

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