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Kids Camp 2023

Week 1: July 17-21 (Week)
Early: $240  |  Regular: $250

Late: $275  |  Leaders: $100

Week 2: July 21-24 (Weekend)
Early: $195  |  Regular: $205

Late: $235 |  Leaders: $85

June 15th

June 15th

July 3rd

July 3rd

After July 3rd

After July 3rd

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guest speaker

Liz Hoffman

Liz has been traveling and speaking for over five years, passionately guiding adults and children towards a deeper love for missions and discipleship.  Her love of storytelling, modeling a deeper walk with Jesus, as well as her heart for worship, engages audiences of all ages.  A passion for missions has been the driving force of the Hoffman family. Along side her husband, Eric, Liz has worked for several non-profits, developing strategies to encourage generosity in in the hearts of children.

Currently, Liz lives in Nixa Missouri with her husband, children, mother, grandchildren and her two Border Collies. When not traveling, Liz loves spending time with her dogs, reading, and baking. 

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