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  • The Iowa School of Ministry (ISOM) is an institute level school dedicated to ministry training with a combination of self-study and live instruction at the Iowa Ministry Network office in Urbandale, Iowa. We are part of the Association of District Schools approved for credential education by the Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God.

  • Prior to coming together for a class session, students will complete 10-15 hours of pre-course work. Classroom instruction is intended to supplement what students have studied prior to their arrival. Our goal is to help every student develop a high level of competence in the material assigned to the class session.

  • Every class includes a final exam taken during the classroom session. When the student leaves the live instruction, all work will have been completed. There is no post-course work.


  • Classes are conducted 9 times throughout the year, with 3 levels of courses offered during each session: Certified Minister, Licensed, Ordained. Students participate in 7 hours of classroom instruction on Saturday. A final exam is taken on the day of instruction.

  • Prior to class, each student is required to work through the course text overview. The classroom instruction provides an overview of the material, practical applications and the opportunity for questions and discussion. Instructors use personal experience and a variety of teaching methods.


  • Faculty members become natural mentors as they build relationship and share experiences with their students. Faculty advisers are available to provide accountability and guidance for the students.


ISOM Weekend 

ISOM weekend’s are held 9 times throughout the year. See Class Schedule for more details regarding dates.


8:30 am Doors Open and Check-in

9:00 am Opening Orientation

9:30 am Class Session #1

10:45 - 11 am Break

11 am Class Session #1 Continues

12:15 pm Lunch 

1 pm Class Session #2

2:15 pm Break

2:30 pm Class Session #2 Continues

4 pm Dismissal

  • Make sure to complete all reading assignments and coursework per the course syllabus prior to the class session.

  • Lunch will be made available for an additional $5 per person. You may also bring a lunch with you if you would prefer to do so.

  • Please make sure to bring your textbook, paper, pen/pencil and Bible with you to the class.

  • The final exam will be administered during the class at the discretion of the instructor.


Student Policies

  • Students are required to read course textbook(s) and to complete the course text overview prior to class.

  • Students must complete all assignments required for the course prior to the class session.

  • Students must attend all class sessions, complete the required assignments and successfully pass the course exam in order to receive credit for the course. (With some minor variations, the final grade will include the following components: 25% Pre-course work, and % Participation 75% Final Exam.)

  • An additional $15 per person late fee that will be assessed if registering less than 4 weeks prior to scheduled ISOM class.

  • Written notification of withdrawal from class must be postmarked or received in the IMN office or emailed to Sarah three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the scheduled ISOM class in order to receive a partial refund.

  • The ISOM leadership reserves the right to determine exceptions to the above policies in medical and emergency situations.

  • Students that have registered for a course and is then unable to attend, the student may be given the option to register for the same course the next calendar year at a fee of 50% of the regular fee, as long as the same course materials are used. The 50% discount is at the discretion of ISOM officials.

  • The final exam will be administered during the class at the discretion of the instructor.  In order for the class to count towards credentialing requirements, a 70% or higher must be obtained on the final exam.  Report cards will be mailed to you once tests are graded and finalized.  

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